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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Drum and Bass!

    Hey, Hope you all had a good weekend! I was jamming out to these guys all weekend and i can assure you it makes anytime a good time. Camo & Krooked are a Drum & Bass duo from Austria who have surged onto the DnB scene.  More intense and upbeat than Netsky, their songs are full of energy and bass. Not the newest songs but some random ones:

Probably one of the most popular but still best songs by them

Personally i like this song a lot

This song is awesome, it starts out slow and almost house like
 but then drops into full fledged DnB.

    Anyways be sure to check them out! Also check out Hospital Records, their label (my favorite), for countless drum and bass artist that your sure to love! Thanks, Follow and comment!


Tomorrow, Headphone reviews and  more music. Soon, tutorials and some mixes!
but first lots of school, sorry ahead of time! :(


  1. waiting on the headphone reviews, i liked the 3rd song, kept hitting replay

  2. Good stuff man. Really jammin' DnB. Still not as good as Netsky :P.

  3. Great blog aesthetic. Love the music also.

  4. Lovin' the music, great beatz

  5. im kinda like maquina, i enjoy alot of drum n bass songs but cant take alot at a time.

  6. Sick set on the 3rd track. Slow start, but picked up great.

  7. The second one is my favorite. Good find!

  8. Great tune, friend! What a find!