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Sunday, May 8, 2011


    Hey guys, I decided to make a review/guide like the speakers but for headphones this time. I'm going to split this post up into 3 sections, DJ headphones, studio headphones and regular headphones for listening to music casually.

    These are just a few of the many headphones on the market. When you begin your research look at some of these brands, Sennheiser, Sony, AKG, Shure, Audio-Technica, Denon, Technics and more.

DJ Headphones
    DJ headphones offer good sound, durability and comfort. Depending on your skill level and if you are gigging or not you can stray away from "DJ" headphones.

    A great entry level pair of cans, has good bass and swivel ear pieces, a significant step from your i-pod headphones.

    Another cheap but great pair of headphones with full bass, great response and very comfortable. Have great ambient noise isolation and sound fantastic.

    A step up in price, the V700s are fantastic. They sound good and are comfortable and rugged, perfect for gigging DJ.

    My favorite pair of headphones for DJ's, they have excellent sound and fit amazing. They are closed headphones but personally thats not a problem for me.

Studio Headphones
    Studio Headphones offer a clear and flat sound. With good response and great sound they let you accurately mix your tracks and get the best sounding music.

    The low end of the price range, these cans offer a good and neutral sound. A great pair of introduction level closed ear studio cans.

    A great set of headphones that offer fantastic sound quality and are really comfortable. For the price, these headphones are a steal.

    Getting into the middle price range, these too offer excellent sound quality without breaking the bank. A great intermediate level headphone for production and studio work.

    In the higher end, These cans are great! Their sound is clear and full allowing you to precisely mix and master to a professorial level. There are nicer versions of these headphones made by Denon, take a look at the whole series.

Normal Headphones
    Lots. there are a ton of headphones. Depending on what is important for you, good sound, lots of bass, cool looking, etc. there are so many options. as long as you like what you pick, they are good.
Don't necessarily go for the most popular brand or coolest one ( unless thats important to you :/ ), look online for reviews and find the best ones for you. How often you plan to use them (durability) should be considered and for how long (comfort). Your environment and situation is important too as you might want to look into noise canceling headphones which are great for travel or if your looking for some peace of mind.

I'm going to start posting music daily, and i'm thinking i will throw in a short review or some piece of gear on each post. comment if you like the idea!
Remember these are just a few, make sure to look around and do your own research. You can use this as a basis for your research as several of these models have lower/higher priced and better versions. There are tons of headphones on the market and a lot of good ones. Hope I helped someone, Thanks follow and comment!


Long post to make up for my absence.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Drum and Bass!

    Hey, Hope you all had a good weekend! I was jamming out to these guys all weekend and i can assure you it makes anytime a good time. Camo & Krooked are a Drum & Bass duo from Austria who have surged onto the DnB scene.  More intense and upbeat than Netsky, their songs are full of energy and bass. Not the newest songs but some random ones:

Probably one of the most popular but still best songs by them

Personally i like this song a lot

This song is awesome, it starts out slow and almost house like
 but then drops into full fledged DnB.

    Anyways be sure to check them out! Also check out Hospital Records, their label (my favorite), for countless drum and bass artist that your sure to love! Thanks, Follow and comment!


Tomorrow, Headphone reviews and  more music. Soon, tutorials and some mixes!
but first lots of school, sorry ahead of time! :(

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sorry :/

     Sorry for being inactive all weekend (since Thursday), my internet was down and i had a lot of stuff to get done. But none the less its a new month and new week so look forward to daily updates and more post!
thanks, follow and comment!


i'm thinking about making a mix tonight and uploading it, anyone interested?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Low price beginner studio monitors!

    Hey guys, posting my first in a series of gear reviews and tips on music production, hope its helpful to someone.
    Studio monitors or Reference monitors are different than your average computer speakers. Monitors are made to give a flat sound, in order to give an accurate replication of the sound so you can master your tracks to sound good on all systems. There are many different kinds of monitors , 2 of the large groups are power vs unpowered monitors. Powered monitors have amps included and do not need a separate amp or interface, and in our case are a good start for a home studio or hobbyist. Bellow are some of my picks for lower priced monitors, they are not KRK's but they will keep some money in your pocket for a good sound!

1. M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speakers: ($150) A entry level, fairly priced set of monitors that is defiantly a step up from computer speakers. They offer a decent range and good bass response for size of them. There are several lower levels of these speakers, each cheaper and slightly less good sounding but for their prices our a good solution for every scenario. They look nice and are good sized and for the price they are a good pair of speakers.

2. Alesis M1Active 520 USB: ($160) These our my monitors till i upgrade later this year and i can say i am very happy with them. These monitors offer a good frequency range and quality specs while maintaining a low price. They sound good on all genres of music and good for producing. The bass is clear and these monitors can handle a fairly high volume level. When listening leisurely or in a non studio set up they have a bass boost and sound great. I really like their ability to record from the stereo 1/4 inputs through the usb or use them as regular monitors. Good build quality and a solid feel to them, i am overall very pleased by my purchase and the price is great too! 

3.Behringer MS16 Powered Desktop Monitors: ($75) While on a lower level than the pairs above, thesem monitors will get the job done for those on a serious budget. Better than a overpriced pair of computer speakers, you will get a fairly flat and good response from this budget solution. Small and compact, you get what you pay for. However in my opinion i would much rather save for a more expensive pair.

    Monitor placement is important too, refer to the picture bellow for a basic idea of how to place your speakers. Once you pick and purchase your speakers, remember that one sound is not enough and in order to assure a good mix and sound you should test your tracks on several different outputs (monitors, headphones etc.).
    Hopefully you found some information in here useful, let me know if you like these kind of post or any request! Thanks for reading, Follow and Comment!

Not the most extensive review (sorry lots of test this week) but i felt should try it out, please feel free to list any of your favorite pairs or suggestions in the comments! thanks.

Edit: Tomorrow is going to be a double update, my first Production tutorial and a new artist! make sure to check it out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


     Netsky is a Belgium drum and bass producer who has earned his place in the liquid scene. His drums are fluid and flow throughout the track. Accompanied by smooth basslines his powerful and driving leads give a massive sound. He is defiantly one of my favorite drum and bass producers.

At his website you can download one of his newest singles "The Pirate Bay" free, Check him out if you like drum and bass or just looking for something different. Thanks, follow and comment!

Tomorrow i'm going to be reviewing some entry level monitors and speakers!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus is a producer from Los Angeles who's sound is truly out of this world. His sound takes root in hip-hop but is highly experimental and has a very prominent electronic influence. Filled with deep intricate bassline and flawless sample work, Flying lotus creates a unique sound i have yet to hear reproduced. His latest albums is Cosmogramma but a new albums is in the works and planned to be released this year.

One of his more popular tracks, but none the less an awesome song.

My personal favorite, his bassline cease to amaze me.

Flying lotus is a artist believe will remain in my top 5 for a long time and i among many can not wait for his new album this year. Be sure to check him out! Thanks, Follow and Comment!


Welcome to CosmonautMusic!

Hey, Welcome to my new blog CosmonautMusic

    I'm your source for a variety of electronic music topics from my favorite artist and songs to tips and tricks on music production. I am going to update daily and will cover a wide spectrum of music and taste. Thanks Follow and comment!